We met in college.  During our freshman year, Adam lived on the 1st floor of our dormitory and Annie lived on the 4th.  We quickly became best friends.  Just friends.  It took Adam 3 years and multiple failed attempts to woo Annie before officially dating at the start of our senior year.  After graduation, we moved to New York City together.  

Years passed.  We were having fun and working a lot, but at the end of 2014, conversations began about taking a break to travel around the world.  Initially, it was an unlikely prospect that we talked about every so often, but it slowly began to evolve into a potentially viable option.  We started to think about it more and we recognized that there was never going to be a perfect time to have this adventure (from a career, family, or money perspective).  We also realized that it would never happen unless we made it a priority.  So in September of 2016, we left our jobs, packed our belongings, and moved out of Manhattan.  Shortly after, we got on a plane with nothing, except for one-way tickets to Tokyo and two oversized backpacks.  

Almost a year later, here we are.  Slightly older and back in the US after having "a couple adventures" along the way.  During our travels, we met a retired Canadian couple.  They were trying to understand what we were up to, and after we told them, they said, “well, you’re either crazy, or very smart.”  Hey, we’re happy if it’s a little of both.  This website shares some of our favorite photos and stories from the last year. 

As written by THE OTHER...


Annie is full of seemingly endless energy.  I dare you to try to keep up with her.  She's beautiful, very talented, and isn't afraid to speak her mind.  She deserves credit for at least 95% of the photos displayed on our website.  While she has no problem sky diving or swimming with great white sharks, she takes major issue with small insects.  She loves sunblock and cookies, and while she's the queen of productivity, she never drinks coffee, only tea for her.  Annie is always up for a new adventure and would be anyone's first draft pick for just about anything. 

  • All-Time Best Trips... South Africa, Ireland, Tanzania, and India
  • Favorite recent experience... Summiting Kilimanjaro
  • Scariest moment on the trip... Feeling hypothermic on Kili
  • Most surprised by... Pollution in Beijing
  • Gets annoyed with Adam when he... Discourages asking for directions
  • Is most thankful when Adam... Gave me his gloves on Kilimanjaro
  • Biggest challenge... Getting into a bicycle accident
  • Best item she packed... A poncho... and my camera
  • Favorite Meal Abroad... Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Funny travel quirk... Hates sitting with her feet on the ground
  • Favorite travel splurge... Starbucks English Breakfast Tea


Adam is Annie's better half.  He's a voracious reader, an incredible athlete, and above all, a friend to everyone he meets.  He loves learning.  About what, you ask?  People, wars, markets, sports, you name it.  If he's not deep in conversation with someone he's met, you will probably find him singing Hamilton lyrics or listening to WWI podcasts.  Compared to Annie, he's much more adventurous in terms of what he eats.  He's our resident "points guy" as well and thanks to him, we didn't have to pay for accommodations for nearly two months of our travels.  He claims to be allergic to cats, but it may be part of his ploy to own a Siberian husky someday.    

  • All-Time Best Trips... Malawi, China, Tanzania, India
  • Favorite recent experience... Summiting Kilimanjaro
  • Scariest moment on the trip... When Annie fell off her bicycle without a helmet
  • Most surprised by... How safe I felt almost everywhere
  • Gets annoyed with Annie when she... Always wants to ask directions
  • Is most thankful when Annie... Took amazing photos! Every day!
  • Biggest challenge... Letting go of detailed planning
  • Best item he packed... Kindle
  • Favorite Meal Abroad... Pad Thai
  • Funny travel quirk... Likes using physical maps
  • Favorite travel splurge... Beer