Day 7: Midnight Trek to the Summit of Kilimanjaro

Starting our summit climb at midnight, there was a lot of adrenaline.  This turned out to be the most challenging physical experience that either one of us has ever had. 

The Amish Way

We stayed with an ex-Amish family in Amish Country.  We couldn't have had more fun spending time with them and the Amish family they introduced us to.  

Everything is Bigger in Amarillo

This place is apparently a “hard-nosed cattle town,” but it seemed like a trucker stop to us.  It’s home to the largest canyon in the state of Texas, the Palo Duro Canyon, which is 2nd in size only to the Grand Canyon.  We’re glad we stopped here, but we were happy to keep on going.

A Feminism Skeptic in Santa Fe

We spent two days here and really enjoyed exploring downtown and the Plaza.  It was Adam’s first time to Santa Fe, and while Annie had been there prior to visit her brother James, she really hadn’t gotten a chance to do much exploring.

Utah: Mighty 5 National Parks

We visited all 5 of Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks. Originally, Utah wasn’t even on our itinerary, but after bumping into a friend by chance, we redirected our driving route to bring us through this beautiful state.

Mormonism in Salt Lake City

One of the primary missions of our cross-country trip was to experience places unlike home.  For this reason, we were really looking forward to our stay in Salt Lake City.  We were excited to see some incredible landscapes and learn more about the Mormon lifestyle.