Dune Bashing Outside Dubai

This is definitely the tourist thing to do in Dubai.  As tourists, we decided to test it out.  We were picked up in a black SUV and drove an hour into the desert before getting out to let the air out of the tires so that we’d be safer while “dune bashing.”  Of course, Annie asked if the cars turn over.  Our driver replied, “not often.”  Adam’s favorite parts were 1) speeding up over a dune, not knowing what was on the other side and 2) watching Annie's face in the back seat.  After about 20 minutes of this dune bashing, we saw one poor woman get out of another car to throw up.

Adam was jazzed up to try sand surfing – he wasn’t expecting how fast you could get going.  In the evening, we had a beautiful view of the stars as we watched a belly dancing and fire show.  We rode on the back of camels and Annie’s favorite part was when the camels were getting up and down because it was surprisingly jerky and it made her laugh.  Overall, we’d recommend this outing to others, but we wouldn’t go again.  

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