Day 2: 5-hour trek to Shira I Camp

Feeling great and full of energy.  Annie was worried that she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep, because she’s not a frequent tent sleeper, but she passed out.  Adam slept well and woke up once to use the bathroom.  The stars were absolutely gorgeous. Adam wished he’d spent longer during his bathroom run so he could watch him.  He hopes we see the stars again later in the climb. We could hear these small cats called servals screaming in the trees in the middle of the night.

Today, we transitioned from jungle to the heather climate zone.  It was incredible how abruptly the vegetation changes. It’s like hiking in 2 completely different places. There was a good deal of steep climbing for 5.5 hours today, but we held a steady and relatively slow pace so we never got tired. The only time we can really feel the altitude is when we bend over or squat.

After passing through Heather, we entered the Moorland climate zone as we reached Shira I camp. It is about 10-15 degrees colder than yesterday. It feels like 45-50 degrees outside now. I really like both of our guides, Ahi and Calvin. We’ve learned a lot about them so far. One passerby on the trail asked us about Trump, whom he thinks is totally crazy (he keeps saying “DDT” – “Dastardly Donald Trump”).  Tea time is in 45 minutes, which Annie loves!  We are warm in the tent.