Day 5: 4-hour trek to Karanga Camp

We’re getting used to the morning routine now.  It takes a long time to get undressed, pack everything up, then get dressed for the day in a 2 person tent. The whole routine takes us about 45 minutes.  Annie woke up early this morning to go to the bathroom and hears singing at the other end of our camp.  A very large group was singing happy birthday and dancing around.  She went and found them so that she could sing too.

So our camp is next to this huge rockface called the Barranco Wall.  As we began our hike, Calvin told us, “So we’re going up that.”  Annie immediately started laughing and said, “Wait- really?”  And he was like, “Yup, it’s no problem.”  But in all honesty, it was pretty scary and there was legitimate cause to be nervous.  The scariest section was a place called “kiss the wall” where you must hug this huge boulder and shimmy along the ridge above a vertical drop so that you don’t fall off.  Adam wishes he had the guts to take a GoPro video, but he wimped out. Maybe next time.

The hike to Karanga Camp was relatively short.  Today was an acclimatization day where we hovered around 14,000ft for most of the day before sleeping back down at 13,000ft.  As we reached Karanga, we were hit by a huge downpour and thunderstorm. We’re pleased we aren’t hiking to base camp and summit that night.