Motorbiking Along Vietnam's East Coast

The German ladies’ recommendation of riding motorbikes to Hue was stuck in Adam’s head for the next two days.  We asked the hotel if they knew anyone that would bring us there (note: it was a 6-hour drive away).  They booked us a tour for the next morning.  

At around 8 am, we met our drivers, put on some helmets, and hopped on the back of their bikes.  Adam made the huge mistake of wearing shorts.  Despite applying sunscreen every 45 minutes, his thighs got absolutely roasted.  It’s worth noting that Annie doesn’t like motorbikes.  She doesn’t feel safe on them because she’s worried about falling off.  Despite her driver assuring her that they would be very safe, Annie had one arm gripped around his torso and the other clutching the back bar of the bike, for 6 hours straight.  She actually had a kink in her neck upon reaching Hue.  Whenever we started going too fast on the road, which felt like all the time to her, she let the driver know to slow down.

Despite the anxiety of speeding along at 50mph, the highlands of central Vietnam were absolutely beautiful.  We stopped to drink some Coca Cola at a viewpoint overlooking the ocean.  We drove by a rural fishing village, where people live on small boats year-round.  About halfway through our bike trip, we took a detour into the woods and drove along a bumpy path until we found ourselves at a beautiful waterfall.  It was so hot out and the water was very cool so we hopped in for a swim.  It was tough getting back on our bikes when all we wanted to do was stay in the water.