Overnight Train to Shanghai

Just getting to Shanghai was fun for us.  We took our first ever overnight train with sleeper bunks.  We had one roommate.  He was an engineer that worked on mobile technology throughout Asia.  We chatted for 2 hours before going to bed.  It was one of the best pillow talks we’ve ever had.  He said that after 40, he’s been giving life a lot more thought.  He felt like he understood himself more now than he ever had before and offered a lot of advice to us (including how having children makes your life multi-dimensional).

He had an incredibly balanced view of the election results – we didn’t tell him whom we voted for until the end.  He said that many people in China are for Trump.  He said that these individuals believe the Chinese economy will do better with him in Office, that he will be less involved in policing Asian affairs (more specifically the South China Sea), and that Trump is the ultimate reflection of the American Dream (we learned from others that the Apprentice is very popular here).  He told us that if he had voted, he would have voted for Clinton for social reasons, since he could see how a lot of Americans would view Trump as a step backward. 

In the morning, he woke us up and handed us his business card, and told us that if we need anything to give him a call while in Shanghai.  Best roommate we could have asked for.