Sights of Seattle

We’ve loved the last 2 months in Asia, but it feels good to be back on U.S. soil.  We originally planned for 3 days in Seattle, but we quickly extended it to 6 as we got our feet back on the ground.

Our Artful Airbnb

Our Seattle Airbnb was really perfect – we felt so comfortable and safe here.  The apartment may have been in the basement, but it was really beautifully decorated.  Annie immediately said, “I think the owner must be an artist, because this work is too good.”  There were amazing photographs, drawings, and doodles all over.  He even provided a framed map of Seattle that he’d illustrated by hand showing the various neighborhoods and his favorite spots.  We felt like the apartment was meant for us – there were travel books and trinkets from all over the world, and even a killer rainfall shower.  We slept like rocks the first night and took really long afternoon naps, which screwed up our jet lag adjustment.  

Our host invited us into his home where he showed us his living room, dining room, and bedrooms – the walls were lined with his artwork along with a bunch of masks that he had collected abroad.  He really loves traveling and we had a blast swapping stories with him.  He has always been a designer, but he is gathering the courage to showcase his artwork more publicly so that his friends can see it.  We have no doubt that once he finally does, he’s going to crush it.  We tried to extend our stay here, but he was already booked with another guest, so we needed to move down the road to a separate Airbnb.  It wasn’t quite as nice, but we were glad to still be in Seattle.  

Bainbridge Island

After exploring Seattle for a few days, we decided to take a day trip to Bainbridge Island.  We loaded our car onto the ferry, and quickly made our way to the top deck.  Even if you aren’t headed to Bainbridge, it’s worth just taking a ride on the ferry.  From the bay, we marveled at Seattle’s skyline, the snow-topped mountains behind the city, and the beautiful shores of the island that we were heading to.  As we approached Bainbridge, we could see that most of its coast was dotted with enormous homes.  We spent the day driving around.  In Poulsbo (also known as “Little Norway”), we went for a stroll downtown and through a waterside park.  We were getting a bit hungry so we popped in a restaurant for some early appetizers and meandered our way back toward the ferry for a sunset wine tasting.  The day was quiet and relaxing.  If the weather were this nice all year, we would never leave Seattle. 

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