Exploring Tsukiji Market

This is the largest fish market in the world.  We knew that heading in, but it still beat expectations… it was shockingly large.  In fact, we later learned that it’s the size of 43 football fields.  They manage, transport, and sell an enormous amount of fish on a daily basis.  We read that “among all the world’s fish markets, Tsukiji Market handles around 17% of the total fish.”  We skipped the tuna auction that required waking up at 3:30 AM, which we were fine with… especially when we found out that the larger fish market opened at 10 AM.  

We ran into 3 American men from Philadelphia on our way to the fish market.  They’d been in Tokyo for several days already so we asked them what their favorite part was so far.  Their response: “Getting fried chicken for breakfast.”  Amuuuurica. 

Tsukiji is pronounced “Skee-gee.”   This was made even more difficult for Annie, who for weeks had been pronouncing it “SOO-JU-KEY.”  Why?  Because her dyslexic mind decided to swap the letters around and add some.  Annie has the pronunciation down now.

PHOTOS from tsukiji market