Indian Wedding in Delhi

The wedding took place on Thanksgiving Day. We were admittedly feeling a little homesick, because Thanksgiving is our single favorite holiday of the year, and one that we always spend with both our families. About 1.5 hours into the reception, Adam approached two young kids. The girl was about 11, and the boy was about 8.  After a half hour of chatting about schools and apps in India, the parents arrived, potentially a bit concerned about this lone male talking to their kids.  Annie joined the conversation shortly after the parents arrived (they liked seeing that Adam wasn’t alone).  We ate the entire meal with the family, and it felt like our own Thanksgiving halfway around the world.  We talked about all sorts of topics, ranging from quality of schools to the demonetization crisis to the husband’s career as a major airline pilot.  They offered us cash to help support our travels since they understood how difficult it was to get rupees. They were lovely and it was an evening we won’t soon forget.

Check out our friend's amazing video of the wedding!